Cosultancy & Communication Strategy

A brand must be easily identified by its public and thus it is necessary to have an own voice. Through your company’s case study, we are able to define your corporative identity to generate and plan a voice, creating a solid narrative.


Our Services

Communication Strategy

We analyse your present communication and we recommend a new comprehensive strategy: Social profiles management; community management, media, blogs… We understand your situation to generate a consistent account.


Press office

We take advantage of your company strengths so that media can speak about them. We take care of everything, including the writing of press statements, monitoring and subsequent clipping.



We remodel your brand logo or we create a new one from scratch, bringing it to all scopes considered: logotype, documents, frames, posters, advertising…


Communication on Social Network

Social networks are, at the present, one of the fundamental communication channels between users and corporations. We apply your ideas, strategy and your editorial line to your goals in the use of Social Media.

Corporate Communication

Setting the right tone to communicate to the outside world is very important. But it also is knowing how to communicate in-house, to your organisation, something that requires skills and creativity.


Content writing

Original contents, fresh and attractive that likeable to Google but also to your clients. From blog articles, eBooks or news, to institutional statements or corporate communications.



Complete Services

At PQ Com we design the contents and materials with which we are going to communicate inside and outside your company, to transmit the key values and what it is relevant. On the same way, we take care of writing and distributing press statements to a selection of media according to the characteristics of your business and public.

In addition, we suggest a digital communication plan focused in maximising your voice and presence on social media, based in original and attractive contents for your public.

— Why PQ Com?


At PQ Com we are a group of heterogenous people with different experiences and points of view who make our goals converge. This means a bigger adaptative capacity to your goals, your project and your point of view. It also implies a better response in all our services, offering a total communication.


Corporate communication 

FAT is a Family SME that designs, distributes and commercialises metal cutting machinery. During their renovation process they trusted PQ Media to carry out the remodelling of their web site and to give a new impulse to their social networks and corporate communication. The result was a 25% growth of their website traffic and the appearance of FAT in several economy media of Catalonia.

Press office

 The candidate to 2019’s municipal elections and nowadays Major of the city of Sabadell (Barcelona) trusted PQ Media to manage her relations with the press during the pre and Election Campaigns: press releases, press conference announcements, photography and video releases and managing of interviews.

Online communication

This cooperative business from the region of Asturias, dedicated to international logistics and transportation, trusted PQ Com on managing their social networks and their blog contents, as an inbound Marketing strategy. Nowadays la LA LUNA shipping‘s blog in one of the main references in Spanish language about inquiries related to package shipping. 

Online communication

This small dental clinic in Barcelona needed to revitalise and optimise their Email and social network communications with the costumers. After an analysis and brand proposal our management has dropped an increase of Loida’s newsletter subscribers and a 15% growth of their website visitors.